Friday, November 7, 2014


I am overwhelmed at the amount of students that brought in pumpkins!  Thank you so much Alward families!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lots of stuff going on....

In my spare time (ha ha ha) I thought it would be fun to do a Pumpkin Decorating Contest.  I stumbled across some really cute ideas while I was on Pinterest, I just couldn't resist!

Here are the basics:

Paint and decorate a pumpkin as your favorite book character and win a prize!  Prize will be a party with food involved....hmmm, gotcha thinking, don't I? 

About the contest
    • The purpose is to celebrate reading and to have fun.
    • This project is completely optional. Participation is not required.
Contest Rules
    • Pumpkins must represent a favorite book character.  
    • On the entry form you must have the title and author of the book written on the form.
    • Get the book information first before even starting to decorate the pumpkin. 
    • Absolutely no real carved pumpkins.   Foam pumpkins found at craft stores are encouraged, those can be carved.  (Real pumpkins will quickly rot)
    • To decorate you can use paper, glue, paint, markers, pipe cleaners, fabric, or other craft items on the pumpkin. 
    • Let your creativity soar!

Contest Dates
    • Pumpkins may be turned in to the library from Mon. Oct. 20 to Wed. Oct. 29.
    • Judging will take place on Thursday, Oct. 30.
    • Pumpkins may be picked up, and taken home on Oct. 30.
Click these links for the rules and the form - 

Last week I had the unfortunate task of talking to all the students about Book Care, again.  I typically talk about this at the beginning of the school year only, but the books are being returned to the library in horrible condition.  Sticky, dirty, full of crumbs, you name it.  I could really use your help at home reminding them to take care of the books, ultimately it's their responsibility.  If you'd like to purchase some gallon sized ziplock bags for your child's book, that might be a good solution also.

And finally......NEW BOOKS!  These are a few of the books that have been added to our library, they are waiting to be checked out!

Keep Reading ~ Mrs. Fellows

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Exciting news for Reading Counts!

Scholastic Reading Counts has an App for our school iPads!!!  We're so excited to get that on our iPads, kids are taking quizzes like crazy now!  A big thanks to Mr. Ski and Mrs. Ploeg for helping with that process, we couldn't have done it without them.

The Pizza Hut Book It! calendars will be coming home with your students on Monday, Sept. 29.  Please help them keep track of the minutes they are reading at home.

A big shout out goes to Mrs. Szymanski's Pre-K class, every student brought back their library book today! Way to go!

Keep Reading ~
Mrs. Fellows

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Here I Am!!!

Hello again!  I'm back in the library, busy giving awesome books to amazing students!  We've had almost every single class come to the library at least one time (K-LL and K-F will be in tomorrow), some classes have even been in a couple of times.
Reading Counts is off and running, I even have one student who has reached his 1 million word goal already!!!  Our theme this year is "Reading Gives You Super Powers", feel free to check out Spiderman "hanging" out in the library, the students love him!
I've been reading Hooray for Hat! by Brian Won to some of the classes, we are loving it!
I think everyone should take a peek at this book, it's sure to make you smile :)
As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions at

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Reading Counts Winners

Today we had our Reading Counts party, students came to the Media Center for an ice cream sundae party.  Thank you to all the amazing PTC volunteers for helping to put this together, the students loved it.  I'd like to give a special thanks to Julie O. for working with me this year, I'm so excited she agreed to help me again next year!

The following students won a Gift Card to either Barnes and Noble, or Target.
Sophia D. & TJ T. from 3-O.
Stella B., Megan K., Jennifer M., Alec S., Mason T., and Andrew V. from 3-VS.
Josie C., Kaitlin C., Addison L., Spencer S., Jordyn V., and Jace V. from 3-VW.
Shelby F. & Jacob K. from 4-D.
Nick B., Aubrey C., and Shaylee P. from 4-H.
Claire B., Aidan B., Emma G., Chad K., Mikayla M., Libby N., Caden R., Bryn R., Kaylee S., and Isaiah V. from 4-S.
Maddie A. and Norah M. from 5-BO.
Noelle D., Jada D., Emily G., Lauren N., Will N., Heath R., and Ally W. from 5-BU.
Dante K., Keaton M., Brynne O., Alec S., and Whitney V. from 5-K.
Nook HD Winners
Trey C. from 3-VW.
Chloe C. from 4-S.
Yasmin F. from 5-K.

Great job!
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 ~ Mrs. Fellows~

Monday, March 31, 2014

Shelf Challenge 2014

In my "spare time" I like to read other school librarian blogs.  While doing this, I stumbled upon the Shelf Challenge.  Basically, I've pledged to read all the books on a randomly assigned shelf.  I was assigned to read "K".

Sounds tough, but there is a "cheat" clause.  I will read all of the picture books, but I can get by with reading just the jacket or blurb on the chapter books.

To read more about this challenge, check out this blog:

Wish me luck!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who Wants Hot Chocolate?

Here's a quick update on the students in the lead.  You should have heard the sounds coming from the library when I announced that I make homemade marshmallows!  Let me just say, some teachers want in on this party too :)

3rd Grade
Trey C. - 35 points
Addison L. - 17 points
Bethany D. - 13 points

4th Grade
Chloe C.  - 46 points
Claire B.  - 37 points
Remmington C.  - 30 points

5th Grade
Will N.  - 101 points
Dante K.  - 57 Points
Ally W.  - 40 points

*Reminder - contest ends Wednesday, Feb. 5, party will be Thursday, Feb. 6.

Keep Reading (and taking quizzes)
Mrs. Fellows

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reading Counts Contest Extended

*Due to the snow days, I'm going to extend the RC Hot Chocolate competition to next Wed., the party will be on Thursday, Feb. 6.
Do you have cabin fever yet?  I DO!!  On the plus side, I've been reading like CRAZY!!  I just finished the 2nd book of the Stranded Series by Jeff Probst.
I might have to go to Alward today to pick up the 3rd book!  This is a great page turner, I can't wait to hand it off to a student!
*Bonus points* 
Send me a picture of you reading on this snow day, I'll give you an extra point toward the RC competition!
Send it to my email
Keep Reading!!
Mrs. Fellows

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Does a warm cup of hot chocolate sound good to you? 


*  5 STUDENTS FROM EACH GRADE (3-5) from Jan. 20 - Jan. 29
                ON THURSDAY, JAN. 30

*You MUST take/pass quizzes that are in, or around your reading level.  *Only books read this year!