Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AR Winners!!

Today we celebrated the students that reached their AR goal at least once by giving them a cold yummy treat!  We also drew names for prizes.....that's what the kids were waiting for!
The winners are....
iPod Shuffle - Nick B. (2-G), Gabe E. (3-VK), Riley S. (4-O), Kyle A. (5-E)
Gift card to either Barnes and Noble, or iTunes - Maria VE (2-G), Judah A. (2-G), Chloe C. (2-G), Jada D. (3-VW), Jacob V. (3-VW), Brynn O. (3-VK), Tyler Sm. (4-S), Erin O (4-O), Delaney B. (4-D), Maddie H. (5-B), Tony L. (5-K), and Lilli B. (5-K).
Way to go readers!!!

Mrs. F