Monday, September 30, 2013

Reading Counts Update

Students have started taking quizzes for the past two weeks.  I'm so excited to see them working hard to reach their goals!  Here's a quick list of students that have taken and passed more than 1 quiz.

Bethany D.
Sophia D.
Gwen S.

Trey C.
Kaitlin C.
Ridley E.
Addison L.
Gavin S.
Elijah T.
Hailey V.
Jordyn V.

Elizabeth F.
Elizabeth W.

Aubrey C.
Claire J.
Olivia K.
Alayna S.
Elly S.

Karenza B.
Chloe C.
Chad K.
Caden R.
Ethan R.
Isaiah V.

Maddie A.
Abigail J.
Hannah J.

Maddie B.
Matthew C.
Kaelyn F.
Emily G.
Shane M.
Lauren N
Will N.
Lauren R.
Dreighton S.
Kylee W.
Allyson W.
Andrew W.

Yasmin F.
Katie K.
Brynne O.
Julia P.
Alec S.

Great job Alward students!!
*This list was generated 9/30/13.
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Mrs. F

Monday, September 23, 2013

Help Save Our Library Books!

As books have been returned to the library, I've noticed several of them with water damage (picture my sad face now).

Poor book :(

Why is this happening?

Sweating water bottles......aha!

I think this is the bad guy making it happen!

So, please help me save our library books!  Ask your kiddos to be very careful when they put their library books in their backpacks.  Most backpacks have one of those handy dandy side pouches, those would be a huge help!  Maybe there's a separate pocket they can use just for their library books?  It's such a bummer when I have to send that dreaded note home asking for the replacement cost of a book, no fun for you, or me.

Thanks for helping out those innocent library books!

Mrs. Fellows

Thursday, September 19, 2013



What:  Math and Reading Family Night
Where:  Alward Elementary
When:  September 30th from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Who:  The Entire Family
 (Child Care will be available for preschool children  ages 2 -4)
Please come and join us for a night of easy-to-play math games and your favorite stories read aloud by Alward teachers.
During this fun filled evening, parents will learn easy math games to play at home  that build math skills and fluency, along with  strategies to use while reading to and with their children.  These easy to use strategies improve reading skills and make reading more fun and engaging.
Students will hear their favorite stories read by different teachers and experience different math games that make gaining skills and improving fluency fun and easy!
The night begins in the gym with Mrs. Moore at 6:00 p.m. where she will explain the purpose and the flow of the evening.
Starting at 6:20, students  will go WITH THEIR PARENT/S to one of  three 15 minute rotations in different classrooms to listen to  a read aloud or to play math games.
The night will then end in the gym with Mrs. Moore, where she will recap the purpose of the evening and how Alward will carry this math/reading focus throughout the school year.
On the way out, students and parents may pick up a bag of popcorn as they reflect as a family on this night fun and games!
If you did not already do so, please return the Math Reading Night Flyer with your family name and the number of family members, including your student, who will be attending.
We hope to see you there.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Reading Counts is a program that all of our 2nd-5th grade students are encouraged to participate in.  We will be starting the program next week for the 3rd-5th grades, 2nd grade will start after Christmas Break.  Our theme this year is "Pop Open a Book".
    The way the RC program works is that a student reads a book in their reading level, takes a quiz about the book on a computer.  Students have individual goals based on their reading level, goals may be adjusted as the year progresses.  They can only take quizzes on computers at school.  If the student answers at least 8/10 questions correct (80%), they earn points.  Students are encouraged to check out at least one Reading Counts book each week.
   It is recommended that a student take the quiz within 24 hours of completion of the book, when possible. If a child gets less than 8 correct, they may retake the quiz up to two more times. The child is required to wait 24 hours before the quiz can be retaken.
    If you would like to find out if the books your child has at hame have a RC quiz for them or not, you can go to this website: .

    If your child checks out books from the public library, they can use this same web link to find out if those books have RC quizzes or not.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions you may have regarding Reading Counts.  

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Mrs. F