Friday, October 25, 2013

Reading Counts Progress

Students have been taking quizzes like CRAZY lately!  The library computers are packed at the end of the day with students taking quizzes, I LOVE IT!

Students that are between 25%- 49% of their annual goal
Bethany D. & Sophia D.
Josie, Caden, Spencer, Hailey 
Elly S., Owen H.
Riley, Karenza, Ethan, Bryn
Sofia, Colin, Norah
Maddie, Jada, Shane, Dreighton, Drew
Katie, Christian, Brynne, Nathan

Students that are between 50% - 74% of their annual goal
Trey, Logan, Jordan, Jace
Aubrey, Shaylee
Caden, Kaylee 
Matthew, Kaelyn

Students between 75% - 99% of their annual goal
Claire, Chloe

Students that have reached their goal (in some cases doubled or tripled)
Ridley, Addison
Will, Allie

If you're wondering how your kiddo is doing, just ask them, they know how to check their progress (I remind them all of the time).

Keep Reading
~Mrs. Fellows~

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ruff Readers in the Library

We've had two visitors in the library lately, Maizie Blu and Mrs. Koster.  Mazie is a Ruff Reader dog that our students have had the privilege to read to.  This is a great program, and we really appreciate Mrs. Koster for volunteering to do this every other week.

"The purpose of the program is to encourage children to become better readers and discover the joy of reading.  Reading to a friendly, non-judgmental dog decreases the stress of making mistakes or peer pressure and builds confidence in the child.  Libraries provide the books and register the children for 15 minute sessions with a dog (and handler).  Many facilities provide creative book marks or certificates which include the dog's name as rewards for each completed session.  School programs are somewhat different from library programs as the handler may be required to tutor the reader or the handler may be asked to read to groups of children."  (Taken from

Mrs. Koster, Maizi and Alec.

Forrest just loved reading to Maizie!

Carlie just couldn't stop smiling!

If you think your child would be interested in reading to Maizie, please let me know!

Keep Reading!
Mrs. Fellows

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Who's Taking RC Quizzes?

Are you taking quizzes?  If not, why?

Parents, Reading Counts is an optional program at Alward, however we always encourage students to take a quiz on the books they've just finished.  Ultimately, it's their responsibility to do so.  I'm so puzzled when students tell me "I just don't take quizzes".  I always ask them why, I've never gotten an answer, usually just a shoulder shrug.  Maybe you can help me out with this.

This is where the 3rd-5th grades stand with the number of quizzes passed per class.

3-O      13
3-VS    6
3-VW  52  (WOW!!!)

4-D     29
4-H    42
4-S    43

5-BO  26
5-BU  82  (AMAZING!!)
5-K    27

Keep up the great work!!
Mrs. Fellows