Monday, June 2, 2014

Reading Counts Winners

Today we had our Reading Counts party, students came to the Media Center for an ice cream sundae party.  Thank you to all the amazing PTC volunteers for helping to put this together, the students loved it.  I'd like to give a special thanks to Julie O. for working with me this year, I'm so excited she agreed to help me again next year!

The following students won a Gift Card to either Barnes and Noble, or Target.
Sophia D. & TJ T. from 3-O.
Stella B., Megan K., Jennifer M., Alec S., Mason T., and Andrew V. from 3-VS.
Josie C., Kaitlin C., Addison L., Spencer S., Jordyn V., and Jace V. from 3-VW.
Shelby F. & Jacob K. from 4-D.
Nick B., Aubrey C., and Shaylee P. from 4-H.
Claire B., Aidan B., Emma G., Chad K., Mikayla M., Libby N., Caden R., Bryn R., Kaylee S., and Isaiah V. from 4-S.
Maddie A. and Norah M. from 5-BO.
Noelle D., Jada D., Emily G., Lauren N., Will N., Heath R., and Ally W. from 5-BU.
Dante K., Keaton M., Brynne O., Alec S., and Whitney V. from 5-K.
Nook HD Winners
Trey C. from 3-VW.
Chloe C. from 4-S.
Yasmin F. from 5-K.

Great job!
Keep Reading
 ~ Mrs. Fellows~