Monday, October 20, 2014

Lots of stuff going on....

In my spare time (ha ha ha) I thought it would be fun to do a Pumpkin Decorating Contest.  I stumbled across some really cute ideas while I was on Pinterest, I just couldn't resist!

Here are the basics:

Paint and decorate a pumpkin as your favorite book character and win a prize!  Prize will be a party with food involved....hmmm, gotcha thinking, don't I? 

About the contest
    • The purpose is to celebrate reading and to have fun.
    • This project is completely optional. Participation is not required.
Contest Rules
    • Pumpkins must represent a favorite book character.  
    • On the entry form you must have the title and author of the book written on the form.
    • Get the book information first before even starting to decorate the pumpkin. 
    • Absolutely no real carved pumpkins.   Foam pumpkins found at craft stores are encouraged, those can be carved.  (Real pumpkins will quickly rot)
    • To decorate you can use paper, glue, paint, markers, pipe cleaners, fabric, or other craft items on the pumpkin. 
    • Let your creativity soar!

Contest Dates
    • Pumpkins may be turned in to the library from Mon. Oct. 20 to Wed. Oct. 29.
    • Judging will take place on Thursday, Oct. 30.
    • Pumpkins may be picked up, and taken home on Oct. 30.
Click these links for the rules and the form - 

Last week I had the unfortunate task of talking to all the students about Book Care, again.  I typically talk about this at the beginning of the school year only, but the books are being returned to the library in horrible condition.  Sticky, dirty, full of crumbs, you name it.  I could really use your help at home reminding them to take care of the books, ultimately it's their responsibility.  If you'd like to purchase some gallon sized ziplock bags for your child's book, that might be a good solution also.

And finally......NEW BOOKS!  These are a few of the books that have been added to our library, they are waiting to be checked out!

Keep Reading ~ Mrs. Fellows